Apr 6, 2010

Awesome friend of mine made music for this turtle.
Good job dancing turtle

I used to have intense obsession for turtle. My seven-year-old sister had bought me two turtles for my birthday with her little allowance.
I called each of them the coolest names: Choi(meaning, dark green) and Yoni(light green)
A couple of months later Choi was killed by Yoni. I was so shocked that I had to throw Choi away in the garbage can when I saw him floating in the water.
I still feel guilty not having buried him in the safe place.
Now I try really hard to convince myself not to have pets anymore.(though my favorite thing on the planet is animals) It's a serious commitment.

My friend Scott is a bit aggressive towards the people with pets. He thinks people spend so much attention &money on their pets as selfish (Scott lived in El Salvador for three years, serious empathy for people with poverty who "needs" money for basic living).
I used to disagree with him, but start to understand how he feels it for the selfish human as pet owners.

Sometimes we forget how nice it is to love in a rather passive way. Oh, and it always works

tortue from Pheasant Plucker on Vimeo.

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  1. I have similar feelings toward people and animals, like how a friend cringes aloud when a dog gets shot in a movie, then shows less emotion when in the same movie a person gets a hole punched in his head.

    Or how my brother and his wife put so much thought into the name of their new dog (they looked up German and Hebrew meanings for "grace" and "blessed"). If I ever get a pet, when selecting a name, I'll look up the Swahili and Klingon meanings for "jackass" and "butt face".