Apr 21, 2010

One month since I started my new job.
I have been loving it despite the overload of work that I need my eyes on 24/7 - This is the part that I enjoy indeed.
It is nice to be respected and expected to manage different tasks. For the past four days, I was given a whole case to update Treatment Plan - sort of Mental Health Assessment which takes an intense process via interview, home visit, clinical meetings - for a client. Upon its completion I immediately turned it in to my boss. Man, that was a great relief + energy burnout. I am so done for the week!
When I was going through an extreme emotional state, I risked a terrible argument with the person whom I cared so much - TERRIBLE. It was like a mental breakdown. I learned a lesson: I need to be prepared for the stress that I expect. It turns out, I am the perfect therapist.
I told my friend about what happened, he sent me this link as a remedy. Watch it. It is so true.

Usually, when I present myself as an art therapist, people judge my work in a non-serious, super-chill, hippie kind of job. It is easy to think all we do is to make art, or to help people practice their fine motor skills. True, we help people to use their fingers, but we also consider a lot more things to help them: We develop plans for treatment, case management, lead groups, consult, etc. It's like a job responsible for social work, counseling, and rehab - sometimes through a creative process; other times it's just the clinical process with lots of papers.
Believe it or not, I enjoy it much more in this way. I feel fueled up from collaborating with other professionals for multi-intervention. It's almost similar to producing a movie with a bunch of different people

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  1. I've also found The Cure to be great "remedy." Nice word choice! ~Drewdoo Head