Feb 18, 2010


WOW. It has been so long since I posted a photo of Chris Kelly's head in Aug, 2009! It is the new year.

I have tried to build myself a website and move on from the blog. However, that did not work; does not seem to happen any soon, either. To be focusing on Now and Then (Carl Rogers), I decided to use my blog to share my art and soul.

I have recently joined an online group for figure drawing, but have not participated yet. I feel a little anxious about online meetings, especially w/a naked human involved. Though.. I have been craving so much for it.

Only a few reasons why I love it so much:
Muscles fascinate me. I can follow along the veins, bones, hair.......... ohh never ends.
I feel that the nature of human's body the most beautiful thing to look at - different shapes, movements, sizes, etc.

So I pulled out some of the drawings from three years ago. I was young and fresh, hard working artist then.

PS.Before you look at each drawing, scroll down to play the youtube then come back up. Then imagine this model dancing to the Gotan Project

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